What is Sclerotherapy?

The gold standard treatment of thread veins such as spider veins and reticular veins of the legs, is sclerotherapy. It is a same day, low risk non-surgical procedure, performed with no anesthesia and minimal to no pain. There is no recovery period needed and the patient may go back home after treatment. Sclerotherapy has been used for centuries to treat spider veins
Spider or thread veins (telangiectasias) are small superficial veins that widen and become visible, often on the legs. They are sometimes, but not always, associated with chronic venous disease affecting the deeper veins. Risk factors for developing spider veins include a family history, pregnancy, taking female hormones, topical steroid use, local trauma, and prolonged sitting or standing. Some people experience pain, cramps, burning, throbbing, itching or leg fatigue, and women in particular may be concerned about the cosmetic appearance. People are increasingly seeking treatment.

What results should I expect?

This procedure destroys the veins immediately, and will be gradually reabsorbed by the body.A harmless small inflamed skin reaction may occur around the injection area for some days. The success rate of the therapy is almost 98%.

What happens after my treatment?

After your treatment you will be able to resume regular activity and be encouraged to walk, to increase blood circulation. Your Doctor or Nurse will also instruct you to wear support hosiery to ‘compress’ the treated vessels and will provide you with personal post treatment care instructions, dependant on your treatment. The number of treatments required can vary depending on the number of vessels to be treated and the area in which they are located. A follow-up consultation is recommended for possible post-treatment.

Please contact us with any questions as we appreciate each individual is different so we will develop a treatment plan to meet your requirements and achieve all your goals.